Most of us associate hefty pay checks with white-collar jobs. But there’s plenty to be earned with blue-collar jobs as well, especially in Sydney’s booming construction industry.

Here are some skilled labour hire jobs in the construction field that bring home the most money, as listed in PayScale.


Ranked second on the list, with an average pay ranging from $50,000 to $60,000 per year. The pay gets even higher when the job is with a large construction company.

Job Description: Plumbers install, repair and maintain water, wastewater, gas and drainage systems in commercial, industrial or residential buildings. They determine the layout of water supply and work to detect faults in plumbing appliances and systems. To become a plumber, you must be able to read and follow building plans, drawing specifications or blueprints as well as have proper training through apprenticeship, which may last for several years.

Bricklayer or Mason

Ranked eighth on the list, with an average pay of $46,200 per year.

Job Description: Bricklayers or masons build fences, houses, and other structures using bricks, concrete or stones. The work ranges from simple masonry to complex installations of walls or exteriors of skyscrapers. To become a full-fledged craftsman or a bricklayer, you should be skilled in sealing foundations, repairing and maintaining clay bricks; erecting and moving scaffolding; mixing or spreading layers of mortar; and operating brick cutting machines.

Construction Supervisor

Ranked seventh on the list, with an average pay of $46,600 per year.

Job Description: Construction supervisors oversee the work done in building sites. They are involved with the planning or budgeting, and work with architects and engineers to coordinate and supervise building projects and ensure that they are completed on schedule. Apart from their in-depth knowledge in handling machineries and tools, they must possess strong problem solving skills and management or leadership abilities.

The construction industry offers a diverse range of job opportunities with higher salaries or wages than other professions or trades. This makes it a very viable option for workers, especially those with backgrounds in construction. Keep in mind though, that the pay may vary depending on your experience and training.

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Construction work is not for the faint of heart. It’s a high risk job, but not without its rewards. The pride and satisfaction in working with your hands and building structures that are useful to people are more than enough to make up for the physical and mental demands that come with the job.

If you thrive in physical and outdoor work more than most people, there are plenty of job opportunities for you, especially in Sydney’s booming construction industry. But before venturing in any of these careers, you must possess certain qualities and skills, which are requisites for the job. These skills and qualities can be acquired through education, training and experience.

In-depth knowledge in handling tools and equipment

Construction labour hire workers must have intensive knowledge in operating and using materials, mechanical tools and machineries for building, repair and restoration of structural developments.

Good hand-eye and body coordination

Excellent hand-eye coordination is required in construction and many other industries like traffic control as this enables labourers to perform certain tasks, such as moving, grasping or assembling objects with both hands. People seeking construction jobs must also have excellent multi-limb or body coordination to help them carry out tasks that require standing, sitting or lying down. And because construction work requires extensive physical labour, such as digging, lifting, climbing, bending and operating power tools and machineries, workers should be physically fit to help them perform demanding or multiple tasks, accurately and efficiently.

Excellent reading and analytical skills

Part of the construction process is reading and reviewing blueprints that show how the job must be completed. To be able to interpret the blueprints effectively, workers must have good analytical, reading and mathematical skills. These qualities are vital to determine accurate adjustments, interpret designs and calculate measurement and angles.

Problem solving skills

Problem solving is required daily in the construction business, from dealing with unexpected scenarios, to minimising delays and mistakes in building a project. This is the reason leading labour hire companies in Sydney look for workers who possess this skill as it’s vital in controlling expenses and in completing the job on schedule. If the workers are good at problem solving, they can perform the tasks with efficiency and under minimal supervision.

Possessing these qualities and skills will open a myriad of job opportunities for you in the construction business. However, if you lack these skills, it’s never too late to develop them through proper training and education.

Want to launch your career on the right path?

A lot of people today think that this means getting a job that requires you to sit at a desk all day. But there are better, more stimulating career options out there, and many of them are in construction.

Construction is a thriving industry that requires workers with plenty of foresight, technical know-how and ingenuity. It’s not just about putting one brick on top of another, it requires so much more. For those who are up to the challenge, construction has a lot to offer.

Skills and Inclinations

Careers in construction require specific skills that can only be gained through education or training. But most other necessary skills can be learned through experience; skills such as problem-solving, working with precision and having a keen eye for detail.

There are several different areas of construction, and because they are all quite varied, there is always something for everyone. These areas include:

  • New home building and renovation
  • Heavy industrial construction
  • Commercial and institutional construction
  • Civil engineering construction

For those who like to work with their hands, have an eye for detail and can visualise the finished product, a career in new home building and renovation or commercial and institutional construction would be most fitting.

For those who prefer variety in their work and enjoy the thought of working outdoors with large machinery, then careers in heavy industrial or civil engineering construction, crane operation, drilling or blasting would be the best choices.

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A Plethora of Opportunities

Because construction involves long periods of time, numerous processes and a diverse range of projects, it has created countless job opportunities for those who seek them. And because new buildings and construction work is always needed somewhere, there is always a high demand for these professionals worldwide. Moreover, these employment opportunities often come with matching competitive salaries.

Construction opens up plenty of opportunities for ambitious individuals. Almost all trades and occupations in construction can lead to long term careers with plenty of advancement opportunities. Electricians, carpenters, gasfitters, cabinetmakers, surveyors and many other tradesmen can have a long and fruitful career with a reputable company like Haper.

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The Sense of Accomplishment

Aside from the wide array of opportunities that cater to almost anyone’s preference, construction also produces a different kind of satisfaction at the end of every project. There’s a certain sense of pride that all construction workers get after all their work is done. Once a structure is built, whether it be a building, a house, a bridge or a dam, there’s always that great sense of accomplishment construction workers get that can rarely be felt in any other profession. It’s the feeling one gets after working tirelessly for long periods of time trying to create a masterpiece that is not only beautiful, but useful to countless people. And it’s a feeling that doesn’t go away once the work is done. It’s a sense of pride that one has contributed positively to the community by helping to build something that everyone can benefit from and will admire for years to come.

Careers in construction can be demanding, but they can also be highly rewarding.

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